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Complete Guide To Outdoor Advertising

outdoor advertising Dubai

Traditional outdoor advertising has a lot more to offer than you can expect, especially when you are doing business in a local area or targeting local customers. Traditional outdoor advertising has a proven track record of genuine customers visiting the store that helps in achieving the sales goals as well. Do you own a business that has pretty good customers or followers in your online presence, but doesn’t have corresponding sales? Well, then it’s time to invest in outdoor advertising. This article will help you get a complete idea of outdoor advertising Dubai.

What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising, also known as home advertising is one of the popular and most used types of offline advertising. Outdoor advertising helps to reach your target customers as people spend most of their time outdoors, in the form of shopping, going to the office, school, etc. That being said, today most businesses use outdoor advertising as a major source to attract and inform customers about their brand. 

Different types of outdoor advertising Dubai

  1. Billboard advertising
  2. Transit advertising
  3. Posters
  4. Bench Ads
  5. Street Furniture
  6. Mall advertising
  7. Wallscapes 

Benefits of digital outdoor advertising Dubai:

Unlike traditional outdoor advertising, digital billboards advertising offers several benefits such as:

  1. Flexibility – how much customers are driven to your brand, depends on how creatively you portray your brand with uniqueness. 
  2. Timeliness – there is no specific timeline for advertising on a billboard. You can advertise anything and everything, directly to a billboard. 
  3. Effectiveness – the return on investment (ROI) is much higher in digital boards, compared to traditional outdoor advertising. 

Why you should use outdoor advertising and how it works for your brand?

People being outdoors, most of the time, spent less time on mobiles and social media platforms, whereby their chances of seeing ads through digital platforms are less. That’s where outdoor advertising attracts new customers through these innovative and creative billboards.

With outdoor advertising, you can deliver your brand to a wide range of audiences, which can then be spread by mouth as well. It also offers consistency and stability when coming to brand awareness and recognition. 

A person going to the office, seeing the same billboard of an electronics brand daily, will have high chances of choosing that brand than any other brands when he is planning to buy an electronic appliance. Therefore, outdoor advertising Dubai makes it a popular choice for any brand.