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Walking Billboard Activations

Your localised Guerilla Marketing Tool

These Human Billboards are unique and attractive way to connect with your target audiences on a one to one basis and gives the desired edge to your Outdoor / Out of Home advertising campaign 

Clear Vision Advertising is a provider of advertising services focused on local area marketing. We are experts in creating short term outdoor media space in high traffic public areas and reach your customers in unique ways that creates brand recall. Backlit LED Walking Billboards equipped with bright internal LED lighting coupled with high quality printing to be seen clearly even at night. Create a unique & successful marketing promotion with our LED Walking Billboards

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Brands stop advertising their products because they are unsure of what message can be sent.  Engaging consumers in challenging times reap the benefits long after time has passed.  Now is the time to think long-term, re-evaluate your overall branding strategy, infuse creativity, and differentiate your brand from the herd

Your Outdoor advertising campaign can get the right kick start that it needs to create that buzz and relevant exposure needed. The promoters move around public places and deliver information, answer questions, and direct potential customers to your business location, service or product. This activity is generally done by dressing in the way the company consider necessary, wearing a uniform or costume. They carry behind them a lightweight backlit unit that is visible at eye level walking in front of them ensuring the potential customer views the message initiating impulse action and purchase. The team can be trained to create a buzz and it’s an effective and fun way to reach out to your consumer 

Why not take your message to where your customers are? Not alone do you enjoy increased visibility for your promotion and increased traffic to your point of sale but also a curiosity is created and a lasting impact. The mobile walking human billboards are routed around the highest traffic areas available. We supervise the promoters to assure proper coverage and attendance.

Our trained staff are sales specialists. We make the potential client know the product thoroughly, we provide extensive knowledge of your brand. We contribute ideas based on our experience of managing these outdoor advertising activities. Providing the most effective creatives to client’s sales pitches to direct them to your business increasing sales. 

With significant experience in supplying brand ambassadors, sampling teams, and survey teams. Supervisors and sales teams are ready to assist you when you are ready to power your business in an unprecedented way! Regular trained teams can be disguised or bilingual messaging can be provided depending on the nationalities needed to target.

Balloon messaging can also be provided that stand out during the day for their vibrant colors and at night for their excellent lighting. Messages of Sales or New Store Open or any other kind of personalized message can generate more attention to your product or service with this excellent contactless advertising alternative.

Day or Night and services are available for your advertising media to create impressions and vibrant colors that stand out during the day and additionally LED and have a lighting system to provide unique displays at night.

Engaging your brand audience is a way to create an impact in the minds of your potential customers through visual experiences. We transform everyday marketing activity into an amazing and impressive visual experience of your brand. Engaging the audience with your campaigns message we make them remember your brand.

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