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Outdoor Advertising in Dubai, UAE

What is outdoor advertising or Out of Home (OOH) advertising? They are basically advertising displays that are static or digital advertising that is positioned outdoors and not on television, print, magazine or the internet.

Clear Vision Advertising is an outdoor advertising company in Dubai that provides you with both static and digital OOH ads and outdoor media anywhere in the UAE.

You will come across various digital outdoor advertising every day. Be it a billboard or a static and digital OOH, media enlightens us with various new products launched through a clear channel. This is why the static and digital industry continues to grow in spite of new advances in technologies.


Different types of outdoor advertising

There are various types of outdoor advertising. Here are a few of them.

Billboard advertising

Billboard advertising is one of the most prominent ways of advertising brands. Placed on elevated boards on the roadside where it is visible to the public, digital billboards are the fastest growing sectors in the billboard industry.

Bulletin Billboards

Big, bold and beautiful Bulletin billboards grab the attention. Outdoor billboards are placed on a visual landscape where you will “own” the place 24/7.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are hoarding that are placed on the sides or back of trucks. They are basically mobile wheels that travel all over the city and recently feature digital/LED/video trucks.

Clear Vision Advertising provides printed and digital mobile billboards. We comprise your ads that are placed on trucks that drive around events or streets. Truck side advertising posters are most effective in places where there is no space left for advertising. Reaches within areas like residential pockets reaching the innermost areas where traditional outdoor advertising does not go

Taxi or Bus Advertisements

Placed on the inside and outside of the Taxis & Buses, many companies who want to promote their business opt for bus advertising. It is one of the effective ways to produce high impressions at a minimal CPM.

You can find many city bus ads almost anywhere. We at Clear Vision Advertising provide you with competitive cost for advertising as compared to other formats.

Clear Vision Advertising is one of the prominent outdoor advertising agencies in Dubai that offer various types of advertising to market your brand and increase exposure. Whether you are a government agency or a non-profit organization, we will help you with the promotion at a cost-effective medium to reach the people.

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