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What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising means marketing or advertising your brand using outdoor media which includes both static and digital OOH ads and outdoor media.  

What are the benefits of outdoor advertising?

One of the prime benefits of outdoor advertising is that the brand advertised gets mass outreach. As it is placed on crowded spots, the chance of getting the brand promoted is high than any other conventional advertising strategies.

What is the purpose of billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is one of the most prominent ways of advertising brands, placed on elevated boards on the roadside where it is visible to the public. Digital billboards are the fastest growing sectors in the billboard industry. It is typically found in high-traffic areas. The purpose of billboards is to create awareness. Billboards are perfect to be placed or advertised as vehicle graphics, wall or window graphics.

What does OOH advertising mean?

OOH advertising basically means advertising displays that are static or digital advertising that is positioned outdoors and not on television or the internet. These are generally seen by customers who are outside their homes.

What are the services provided by an OOH advertising agency?

Clear Vision Advertising being the OOH advertising agency in Dubai aims at delivering OOH advertising services including:

  • Hoarding advertising
  • Billboard advertising
  • Signboards advertising

Where should I place my billboards?

When it comes to brand promotion, placing the billboards on the right location matters. That being said, Clear Vision Advertising – an advertising company in Dubai ensures optimum visibility and outreach to your brand that reaches the target audience.

What type of billboard suits my brand?

Basically, there are 3 types of billboards. These include:

  • Digital – these are digital billboards that look like giant TV screens. Billboards are commonly placed and seen in urban areas like streets and towns of major cities.
  • Static – these are traditional billboards which are static and remains the same.
  • Posters – posters are like static billboards which are just smaller in size. These are generally placed in front of the shop or brand outlet to invite and attract customers with their amazing deals and offers.

Just like knowing where to advertise, knowing what type of billboard advertisement is best for your business varies with client requirements and budget. But connecting with a company like Clear Vision Advertising ensures brand visibility and promotion.