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What is Outdoor Advertising in Dubai?


With the rising competition, many business firms are fighting for high traffic spaces and outdoor advertising areas in Dubai. This is because outdoor advertising has become one of the most effective ways to help the brand get recognition. A recent survey has stated that 98% of people see Billboard advertising in Dubai every week. While half of them said, it has greatly influenced their buying decisions.

But what is OOH advertising, or how and what are the advantages of the same?  Check out the details here.

What is outdoor advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is a great advertising mode for the businesses to target consumers in specific areas. It is a process of displaying the company’s marketing materials in outdoor spaces with high foot traffic.

Advertising is widely used by the business is to boost visibility, build brand awareness and drive positive results for the business. No matter you are a startup or a well-established enterprise, outdoor advertising in Dubai can offer great benefits for your business and can help improve your marketing and sales support.  But you must take assistance from a skilled professional for better results.

Benefits of outdoor advertising for a business

People spend a lot of time outside while driving to the office, school, or shopping. Thus outdoor advertising becomes the most suitable way of attracting and driving the customers to the company. It is a great method for promoting the company and its services in a specific geographical area. This is why Billboard advertising in Dubai has received such a great response. Here are the benefits of the same.

• Outdoor advertising helps increase the brand recognition of the company. By displaying the essential information of the company creatively, the brands can attract several customers. It has also become a great media for the consumers to remember the company’s name, logo, contact, and products or services. Thus having effective outdoor advertising can greatly complement your brand recognition strategy.

• Outdoor advertising target people at a specific location. With a great advertising strategy, you can inform the consumers in a particular area about your products.

• Outdoor advertising helps keep the consumers updated about the new products or services of the company.  Thus, it helps the customers make a wise choice.

• Outdoor advertising offers a great opportunity to the business firms to target consumers and attract them to make the purchase. The firms can put up ads in bus stops, shopping malls, highways, and other areas to gain the required attention.


With all the benefits of outdoor advertising, it is clear why it has received a great response in Dubai. However, your business must develop the right strategy to bring in positive results for the business. But it is only possible when you hire a good advertising company. Clear Vision Ads is one of the most reputable companies in Dubai that can efficiently help you with your Billboard advertising in Dubai. The professionals of the company have years of expertise and knowledge in helping firms developing right outdoor advertising strategy.