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Why external signage is key for your business growth?


Though we are moving towards the digital marketing/advertising world, we must still rely on outdoor signage to bring in customers. Signage is still one of the most prominent marketing strategies which work for local businesses as you can use it for both branding and advertising. If you are looking for outdoor signage companies in Dubai, then Clear Vision Ads are here for you.

Your brand’s retail experience must have everything. This means ads, social media, sales promotions, website and signage. Though in today’s digital age, signage is overlooked, it can definitely have an impact on your business. Take a look below to know how retail signage can boost your business.

  1. Improves communication

Signs represent the brand’s most evident form of communication. Outdoor signage and window graphics can impact how a brick-and-mortar business performs.

Signs do much more than simply “inform”. Users make expectations of a business as per the quality and appeal of the signs. This expectation further moves on how users perceive the quality of a brand’s products or services.

When outdoor signage is accompanied by a path-breaking design, brand exposure rises. This results in more opportunities to draw more clients and soaring business. Similarly, poor or low-quality signage can prevent customers from engaging with your business.

  • Delivers a competitive advantage

Standing out from the rest is a challenge for any business. Signage sets you apart from the rest. It differentiates you from others and encourages customers to choose your business over your competitors. Creative and unique signage can attract customers significantly.

Location plays a huge role in offering a competitive edge to your business. High traffic location offers a good view to the audience thus grabbing their attention and reinstating your brand’s physical presence.

  • It’s a cost-effective marketing tool

Signage is not just an alluring differentiator. In fact, outdoor signage is an essential component of your brand’s marketing strategy. Both small and enterprising businesses gain a lot by using signs as a marketing tool.

Consistency is the key when using outdoor signages as a marketing tool to promote your product. Use the same fonts, colors, and themes that will help your brand become more recognizable. It allows customers to build a relationship with your business that converts to brand loyalty.

  • Boost sale opportunities

Well-designed, quality signage can cause people to pause and grab their attention. In fact, as per US Small Business Administration estimates that 20-45 per cent of business sales come from impulse sales.

Hence, we place importance that signage is placed in the right locations. Digital signage solutions offer dynamic messages that attract more in-store sales.

  •  Builds brand awareness

The more recognition your brand gets, the easier it is to change the perceptions and attitudes. It also helps you to connect with your audience that will ultimately result in repeated purchases and significant market share.

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